The best wine is the one that is shared



In the heart of Sotillo de la Ribera and the DO Ribera, the Alto Sotillo winery is located.

Among its own vineyards, transmitted by the grandfather Pantaleón, who is more than 50 years old, the Calvo family maintains the art of making wine, accumulating the know-how of several generations and incorporating the most modern production systems to satisfy customers who today are They distribute all over the world.



Legend has it that many, many years ago, a girl got lost playing in the Sotillo mountain. It is believed that the wolves found her and cared for her. The truth is that only his slippers were found in the tree that presides over Mount Sotillo. Mount from which you can see the vineyards with almost hundred-year-old vines that produce the grapes with which we make our wines.
Hence, our image contains the wolf who cares for our land and the girl's slippers, a sample of the sweetness and good work of our people.



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